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Non-Cryogenic Emergency Release Coupling

Breakaway Couplers
Cryogenic Emergency Release Coupling

KLAWs Emergency Release Couplings (ERC) offers the same Flip-Flap technology as the BAC, but the separation of the two halves is controlled by a release collar mechanism rather than break-studs.

Controlled activation of the coupling is provided by using one of three collar release systems: Cable Release ERC, Hydraulic Release ERC and Dual Release ERC.

KLAW non-cryogenic emergency release coupling and elevated couplings are often installed in LPG, Fuel and Chemical transfer systems – this range has been designed to offer the best flow rate solution whilst maintaining 100% closure solution.

Although often installed within loading arm solutions, integration into hose assembly scenarios that require more of a controlled activation has become increasingly popular.

Cable Release

This method of activation utilizes the collar type release. This system reduces the pressure and stress that may be applied to the media transfer system.

The Cable Release ERC is designed to be installed between a fixed rigid point and a hose string, with the cable to the Cable Release ERC and the end of the hose string.

The Emergency Release Cable is then activated when the hose string has a force applied. The connected cable therefore releases at the predetermined break load setting.

This release method enables a safe activation and limits the risk of any associated strains on the transfer system – risk to operators is also reduced.

Hydraulic Release

Due to its reputation for proven reliability, the KLAW ERC with Hydraulic release is one of our most popular activation solutions and is recognized around the world as a dependable and leading choice for global organisations.

This advanced release system can be offered for integration into an existing on-site hydraulic supply or alternatively, depending on the volume of products being supplied, a Manual Hand Pump activation method.

An alternative Hydraulic Power Unit system can be provided to generate activation as required.

Dual Release

The advantages of this type of ERC is that it offers multiple methods of release.

In the event of an over extension of the hose string, the cable release mechanism will create the activation. In the event of an over extension on the connected hydraulic system, the coupling is also activated at the pre-determined point.

If there are no existing hydraulic systems in place, KLAW is able to offer either the required Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) to accommodate the activation or alternatively provide a manual hand pump activation method.

The solution offered by Assentech will be determined by your specific needs.

We supply a broad range of loading equipment and complete loading platforms, gantries and racks.

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