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Rupture Discs Bursting Discs
Bursting Discs (Rupture Discs) SPARE PARTS


bursting discrupture disc or burst panel is a section of material which is engineered to fail at a very specific pressure.


Unlike a relief valve, a bursting disc has no moving parts and is 100% leak proof. Using bursting discs can also be a very cost effective way isolating components from a process which allows more freedom in material selection for costly components.


Car airbag systems, Whisky distilleries, Aircraft tyres, Firefighting Systems, Pharmaceutical production and anywhere where instant, accurate pressure relief is required.

At Assentech Limited, we have a wealth of experience with bursting discs, supplying discs manufactured to our customers’ specifications for a broad range of applications, from aircraft control systems to chocolate factories and nuclear processing modules. 

Our bursting discs are of the highest quality and offer market leading performance.

All manufacturing is performed under an approved ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System and we can supply rupture discs certified to the standards of the ASME, the European Pressure Equipment Directive, the China Manufacture License, the 3A Sanitary Standards Council and many others.

Red Ball Service which allows customers with urgent requirements to jump to the top of the production queue. This means that discs can be manufactured and shipped the same day, helping customers to prevent downtime and production losses.

Bursting Discs-Selection Form ” Disc RFQ”

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