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Bursting Discs for Combined Pressure & Vacuum Relief
Bursting Discs for Combined Pressure & Vacuum Relief

Combining pressure and vacuum relief in a single disc gives the user less positions to monitor, less positions to maintain, less stock and less cabling for burst indicators.

At Assentech, we have 3 ranges of discs for combined pressure and vacuum relief. Our in-house technical experts work closely with the production team  to ensure that we offer the most suitable design for your process conditions.


Size Minimum 2″
  Maximum 36″
Burst Pressure Minimum 1 psig
  Maximum 59 psig
Operating to burst pressure ratio Within 1” w.c. of min/max
Minimum Manufacturing range Within 6” w.c. of min/max
 Disc Materials available Monel
  316 SS
  Hastelloy C-276
Directions of operation Reverse Acting
  Forward Acting
 Holder Types Insert
  Full Bolted
 Specials OEM Applications