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About Assentech

Assentech is a leading supplier of equipment, services and technical expertise in the fields of Tank Storage and Process Safety.

First created by Ewart Cox in 2009, Assentech was built around supplying and servicing equipment that fully meets international standards. He felt that due to the severity of tank contents, being expensive, and potentially hazardous, that he must work on ensuring that equipment is up to environmental and safety standards, whilst saving revenue. With 25 years in the tank venting industry, Ewart has gained knowledge around the various industries that Assentech supplies to. Since 2009, Ewart has become a committee member of API2000, ISO28300 and British Standards Institute PSE-17.

Supporting our customers towards a net-zero future is a large driver of what we do. We are currently advising of a gold standard for tank vent leakage testing to meet the challenges of net zero by 2050. Our passion lies in ensuring tank venting equipment is of the highest standard and is maintained to ensure flawless operations to prevent excessive fugitive emissions. We understand that it is difficult to monitor emissions, so we provide equipment and services that can detect any emissions that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. Once we are aware of a leak, we can support our customers with servicing or replacing equipment, therefore preventing harm to the environment and saving our customers revenue. See our environmental services here.

Here at Assentech, our products and services are crafted around ensuring tank maintenance is as straightforward as possible.  There is no place for ‘floggit and leggit’! We aim to support our customer in the short term, medium-term and long term. Our reputation means the world to us, so building long-term working relationships and supplying the safest solution are our priorities.

Our headquarters is managed by our close knit team in Truro, Cornwall. We love being a part of the Cornish culture, and pride ourselves on knowing the prime places to get the best pasties!

Why choose Assentech?

  • Inventors of the first patented automatic mobile test bench with fully independent results to improve site operating efficiency and reduce emissions. The first of it’s kind worldwide
  • Advisors to both international Standards Committees
  • Technical Resource for the HSE and Environmental Agency
  • Prestigious supplier network ensuring quality equipment and support.
  • Currently advising of a Gold Standard for tank vent leakage testing to meet the challenges of net zero by 2050.
  • Written scheme of examination and documented standard operating procedure for all vent types.
  • Competent and independent experts in the selection, sizing & maintenance of tank venting equipment.
  • Technical resource for best practice in tank venting across all industries.
  • Full range of tank venting products from pressure/vacuum vents to tank blanketing valves
  • Proud to represent our Manufacturers as their authorised Service partner.
  • Full range of sizing software with free customer access.
  • The innovators of professional independent breather vent functional testing
  • Ensuring our maintenance services support our customers to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.
  • A passion for all aspects of tank vent servicing
  • Established a prestigious supplier network for quality spares and new units.
  • Accredited by a UKAS certified body to ISO 9001 – Quality, ISO 14001 – Environmental and ISO 45001 – Health and Safety internal management system.
  • We care about you and the world we live in


Tank Furniture Installation, Inspection & maintenance
Process Equipment Service
  • Mixer and agitator maintenance and inspection
Inspection & Testing Equipment
  • Inspection & Testing Equipment