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Storage Tank Free Vents

Storage Tank Free Vents
Storage Tank Free Vents

Free vents allow a tank to vent (breathe in) during emptying and when thermal effects require but do not hold pressure or vacuum. Free vents are often used for low-value, low-risk products where vapour loss is of no concern.

Groth Free Vents are available with or without Bird Screens and in a wide variety of materials, including FRP.

As with all Groth equipment, their Free Vents are manufactured to the highest standards and offer market-leading performance and longevity.

Groth Free Vents come with a range of standard and custom options as follows;


Models 5000 Series
Sizes 2” to 12”
Design Swan Neck type
Option Bird Screen
Mounting Orientation Top Mount
  Side Mount
Materials of Construction Carbon Steel
  Stainless Steel
  Derakane (FRP)
  Furan (FRP)
  Exotics on request
Approvals ATEX


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