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Geodesic Domes

What is it?
A geodesic dome is a partial-spherical shell structure formed from a network of intersecting triangular panels. The local triangular rigidity of the panel help distribute the stress across the structure and form a strong and self supporting dome.

What is it used for?
Because a geodesic dome makes a lightweight, waterproof and strong structure which can be used for a variety of applications.

Where to use it?
The type of domes we supply are commonly found on fuel storage terminal, refineries and airports, as well as the odd sporting venue, water treatment plant and excavation project.

At Assentech, we have the capability to supply and install Geodesic Domes of all sizes using our team of manufacturer trained confined space engineers.
The domes we work with are designed and manufactured by Matrix Applied Technologies. Matrix Applied Technologies have long been the global leader in the design and manufacture of geodesic domes and in 2010 launched the FlowDome – the world’s first flush batten dome. The Matrix Applied Technologies FlowDome incorporates the very latest engineering technology and unlike many of the copycat domes, it was designed from scratch with the sole purpose of being watertight.


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With the FlowDome, Matrix Applied Technologies used its many years of tank equipment design experience to develop the ultimate in geodesic dome design, mitigating potential leak points such as dome hubs, main panel seams, & roof penetration points including gauge poles, walkways or other tank appurtenances.

In order avoid a lifetime or filling gaps, cracks and leaks with silicone, a flush batten design is essential. Custom extruded panel clamping battens sit flush with the main roof panels, making sealing around the hub easier, allowing water to drain away freely and creating a better dome cap seal since battens & roof panels are on a similar plane.

Alongside watertight integrity sits structural integrity and Matrix Applied Technologies use the latest 3-D & Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to ensure structural integrity & 3D positional accuracy at all times.
Assentech have been trained extensively by Matrix Applied Technologies in the up-front engineering of domes and will be happy to visit site and discuss your requirements with you prior to quotation.


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At Assentech, we offer a complete installation service provided by our team of Matrix Applied Technologies trained confined space installation engineers. If you would prefer to use local staff for your installation, we will consider providing a project manager and site supervisor to oversee the team of your choice as long as they are suitably skilled and qualified.

All of our engineers are fully insured to work on COMAH sites and we provide Risk Assessments and Method Statements in advance of all work as standard.

We want the equipment we install to last so during dome installations, we use Lock (Huck) Bolts at hub connections. This not only means that a pre-determined uniform tension is applied to all structural connections but these bolts become permanent fasteners which make for a strong, long lasting roof capable of withstanding lifting if required in the future.

A common criticism of our competitors is that they apply hidden costs during or after installation. At Assentech, we pride ourselves in working to a fixed price which includes everything you require, from crane hire to site welfare – because we would rather you know the costs and remove the options you don’t require than get any nasty surprises.

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