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Suspended Floating Suction Line

Suspended Floating Suction Line
Suspended Floating Suction Line

Most commonly used for fixed roof tanks and bullet tanks, a suspended floating suction line uses floats to maintain its position with respect to the surface of the product. When tank height is greater than tank diameter, a two-arm or articulated suction line is required.

Matrix Applied Technologies suspended floating suction lines feature the unique zero-maintenance ‘SwingMaster’ joint – the ideal choice for floating suction lines. Constructed in rugged cast iron/ductile iron with plain Ni-Resist bearings (copper free) as standard, the SwingMaster is also available as a 100% stainless casting if required. The SwingMaster is internally & externally epoxy painted for Jet A1 service and available in sizes from 6” through to 42” as standard with other sizes available on application.

The SwingMaster is self-lubricating and maintenance-free, making is far superior to other swivels which can seize when installed or maintained poorly, a common problem with equipment from some manufacturers.


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